HOLC – The Origins

Below is a short video on the Heart of Love Centre (HOLC) – a spiritual hub which Sathya Sai Baba has blessed for spiritually like minded people to collectively build & foster in Australia.

On the 23rd of September 2015, during His visit in subtle form to Murwillumabah, Australia, He said:

“This whole place will become a very big Sathya Sai Centre, an Ashram (a spiritual hermitage), as time progresses. In the country of Australia this will become like a Sathya Sai Ashram in the times to come…This is going to be a very beautiful Ashram, which will be used by Prema Sai during His visits around the world. Shirdi Sai was born, and lived in a small state. He did not travel out of the state. Sathya Sai was born in a state but travelled all around India. Prema Sai, though He is born in a state, will travel all around the world. That’s how this mission of love will expand, to encompass the whole world in its fold of love. In Australia, this and the place surrounding it, will become an Ashram where there will be service activities, schools and a small hospital. There will be many other projects related to energy, water, social welfare, teaching, education and youth development. Multiple branches will develop once the tree starts growing.”

For more information on the Centre or to help, please contact:

1) email: info@heartoflove.org.au
2) Sunil Naidu: 0435035570 or Steve Wedel: 0478547874