The Heart of Love Foundation aims to become a beacon of light for humanity, to demonstrate through our core values and activities that loving all and serving all is at the heart of a society in evolution.

Our humanitarian ventures into helping the needy, promoting the refinement of character in parenting and education, respecting indigenous culture, providing medical and allied health care, and generating environmental sustainability are all strictly without financial gain.

Those committed to the philosophy of the Heart of Love Foundation have a profound respect for all faiths, races, cultures, peoples and countries, recognising that it is unconditional Love that binds us all as one.

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The Heart of Love Foundation (HLF) humanitarian ventures are executed via three separate branches, Health, Education and Sociocare. Every project our volunteers are involved in is conducted via the not-for-profit organisations (affiliates) we’ve established under HLF. 

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi


Health in Kind (HIK) provides free health services with fully qualified and registered medical and allied health professionals to children and members of the local community from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Australian Academy for Human Excellence provides training and guidance for parents, teachers, aged-care workers and others in Human Values Education.


Service projects are conducted in various areas across Australia and overseas. These are distinct from the work of Health in Kind and the Academy of Human Excellence which deliver a range of services in training and health care in Australia and overseas.